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    The body has inherent power to restore and heal itself without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery. At A Family Chiropractor, we use traditional hands on treatment followed by corrective spinal adjusting techniques, structure, balance and flexibility can be restored and the nervous system better integrated to provide healing and restorative vigour to the body.

    We influence structure to restore function.


scoliosis chiropractic treatment

Scoliosis treatment in Sydney

Everyone's spine has natural curves, they are what make our shoulders round and make our lower back curve slightly inward. However, in some people their spine also curves from side to side and this condition is called Scoliosis. In these cases, unlike poor posture, these curves can't be corrected simply by standing up straight.  Scoliosis is defined as a lateral curvature of the spine with its name derived from the Greek word for curvature


On an x-ray, the spine of a person with Scoliosis looks more like an "S" or a "C" than a straight line. Scoliosis can be disfiguring because often some of the vertebrae become twisted or rotated and pull the ribs around with them, causing the shoulder blade to stick out, or if the curve is low down in the spine, the ribs will not be affected but one hip may be higher than the other.

The spine can bend towards either side of the body at any place, in the chest area, in the lower part of the back or above and below these areas. When the spine bends twice, it causes a S-shaped curve. When the curve is S-shaped, Scoliosis is often not noticeable as the two curves counteract each other.


Muscles that are attached to the spine can be affected due the condition and muscle spasm’s are quite common for people with Scoliosis.


By visiting A Family Chiropractor and receiving a Full Chiropractic Spinal Analysis including x-rays, it can be determined not only if you have this condition, but what can be done to correct or relieve symptoms associated with Scoliosis. 


Facts about Scoliosis

  • 1. Approximately 4% of the general population is affected by Scoliosis.
  • 2. 90% of people affected are female.
  • 3. The most common time for scoliosis to develop is in pre to early teens when hormones are changing.
  • 4. The cause of Scoliosis is unknown however,contributing factors can be poor posture and habits.
  • 5. One in 10 people will have scoliosis.
  • 6. One of the most common signs of scoliosis is a prominent shoulder blade, frequently the right one. One shoulder might also be higher, and the person seems to tilt to one side. One hip might seem higher than another.
  • 7. Eighty percent of cases have unknown causes.
  • 8. Scoliosis can either be hereditary or developed.


According to the Scoliosis Association of Australia, the treatments available for treatment including bracing, stapling, magnets and pillows. However, alternative and more effective treatments are recommended by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and can be provided by Chiropractors. These Chiropractors have a Masters degree and highly specialised techniques for manipulative and passive therapies to help improve and correct the spine. This is not always possible, as it is dependant on the type and severity of the scoliosis.