Our Philosophy

  • A Family Chiropractor Philosophy

    The body has inherent power to restore and heal itself without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery. At A Family Chiropractor, we use traditional hands on treatment followed by corrective spinal adjusting techniques, structure, balance and flexibility can be restored and the nervous system better integrated to provide healing and restorative vigour to the body.

    We influence structure to restore function.


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Chiropractic care is widely recognized as one of the safest and most effective ways of treating back pain. Back pain can come from a number of different causes but the most common are poor posture, sports and training injuries, repetitive stress strains and traumatic sprains. These conditions not only make you uncomfortable but can impact your health and make you “feel old”. A chiropractor’s primary goal is identifying and removing the root cause of your pain to allow your body to heal and perform at its best. Conditions that respond best: Head aches, sciatica, pain, disc problems, tension, fatigue, pins and needles, shoulders, knees and feet problems.


If you have any pain or health concern, you are on the right page!


Chiropractors recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy spine for optimal bodily function and the prevention of disease, allowing vital communication between the brain and all other body parts.

Many common problems such as low back  pain, neck pain, back stiffness, sciatica, whiplash, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome (ie. hand pain or tingling), RSI, bursitis, sports injuries (including rot cuff, ankle sprains, shin splints, runners knee, hamstring or calf strains), jaw pain (TMJ problems) and even pregnancy pain, respond well to Chiropractic care.

Even when there is severe arthritis, gentle Chiropractic methods can assist in maintaining a reasonable degree of mobility and function.


Modern Day Chiropractic is not simply about "putting bones back into place".


At A Family Chiropractor, the approach is to restore function by:

1. mobilizing (adjusting) the spine to correct poorly functioning joints causing nerve irritation,

2. improve muscle tone, balance and strength,

3.advising on remedial exercises, posture and preventative procedures.

When an adjustment is applied, built up pressure is released and some degree of motion is restored. Some patients will feel immediate, though temporary relief.

It is easy to understand how this relief could be taken to mean "cure." However, this is usually the first step in a process which takes time and effort to repair.

Chiropractors look at drugs and surgery as a last resort, not the initial approach to healing.

Those who are active, have stressful jobs, or want to be their very best, find that a schedule of periodic Chiropractic checkups (preventative visits) are helpful in the maintenance of good health. Most patients find that  this helps keep them in tip-top shape.



Treatment is tailored to your individual need and implemented to the highest standards of care.