Our Philosophy

  • A Family Chiropractor Philosophy

    The body has inherent power to restore and heal itself without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery. At A Family Chiropractor, we use traditional hands on treatment followed by corrective spinal adjusting techniques, structure, balance and flexibility can be restored and the nervous system better integrated to provide healing and restorative vigour to the body.

    We influence structure to restore function.


chiropractic care

Chiropractic Care in Sydney


Chiropractic care is widely recognized as one of the safest and most effective ways of treating back pain. Back pain can come from a number of different causes but the most common are poor posture, sports and training injuries, repetitive stress strains and traumatic sprains. These conditions not only make you uncomfortable but can impact your health and make you “feel old”. A chiropractor’s primary goal is identifying and removing the root cause of your pain to allow your body to heal and perform at its best. Conditions that respond best: Head aches, sciatica, pain, disc problems, tension, fatigue, pins and needles, shoulders, knees and feet problems.


If you have any pain or health concern, you are on the right page!

Here you will find out how you can give yourself the best opportunity to heal and to overcome any pain or health concern.

How can we make such a bold claim? As you browse through this site you will come to understand and appreciate that true health comes from within and that we provide the most effective approach to health both for the person who is sick, injured and in pain or the healthy person who wants to stay well.

If you are in trouble right now, don't delay - call us to make an appointment so you can get fixed up and feeling better... then you will be more able to take in this empowering and life changing information.  Here you will learn how you can maximise your health and wellbeing (your life) through Chiropractic.


Chiropractic is a philosophy, science and art of things natural; a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column by hand only, for the correction of the cause of disease." B.J. Palmer (developer of Chiropractic)


We understand each patient is different and tailor the treatment to each individual need.

A thorough history is taken by the chiropractor followed by an examination of your posture, spine mobility, flexibility and relevant tests specific to your complaint. Some cases may be more complex requiring further investigation. If necessary you will be referred for radiological services to confirm diagnosis or to your GP should we detect your complaint is not related to a musculoskeletal cause amendable to chiropractic care.


Treatment consists of 10 – 15 min of soft tissue therapy followed by a full range of advanced chiropractic techniques based on current scientific and clinical research.

These techniques may include spinal or peripheral adjustments, the use of heat, muscle release therapies, activator, flexion distraction, electrotherapy, neuro emotional technique and pelvic blocking.


Treatment is tailored to your individual need and implemented to the highest standards of care.